General Requirements – Specimen Preparation

  • Identification and Test Request Form: Complete a test request form that is provided by Delta Medical Laboratory for every patient. Ensure that all information are correctly filled; Patient full name, Age, Gender, Specimen Collection Date and Time, Type of Sample Collected, Sample Collected by.
  • Clinical Information: The clinical information must be attached for pathology samples and consent form is required for all genetic tests.
  • Sample Temperature: Mark the temperature requirement on the biohazard bag (Ambient, Refrigerated, Frozen).
  • Tube labelling: Each sample tube should be labelled by the barcode number of the used test request form
  • Turn Around Time (TAT): Please refer to the test catalog for TAT. The mentioned TAT is from the time the sample is received by the lab

Safety Precautions

All samples for Delta Lab analysis should be sealed in the appropriate containers at the temperature indicated in the test catalog. These samples should then be placed into the appropriate “Biohazard” labeled transport bags provided by Delta Lab. The test request form should also be placed in the appropriate pocket of the transport bag.


Packaging and Shipping

In most cases a Delta Lab courier will pick up all specimens, appropriately pack & transport them at the required temperature. Make sure that the temperature of the specimen is marked on the biohazard bag (Room temperature, Refrigerated & Frozen), the courier will reserve the sample based on the marking of the biohazard bag. In the event that a courier cannot pick up a specimen, please ensure that the specimen is packed at the appropriate temperature, as follows:

  • Room temperature specimens should be packed in a container that prevents excess heat from affecting the specimen
  • Refrigerated specimens should be stored in a refrigerator to maintain temperature until the specimen reaches Delta Lab
  • Frozen specimens should be stored in a freezer to maintain the frozen state until the specimen arrives at Delta Lab

The transportation time from the collecting institute to Delta Lab should be kept to a minimum

Additional Testing

Delta Lab will maintain all submitted samples based on the sample type. Should additional testing be requested on a sample during this time, notify Delta Lab. We will do our best to accommodate your needs provided sufficient amount of the sample remains, and test stability is maintained.