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Mullerian Inhibiting Substance (AMH)

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  • CODE:4089
  • DATE:December 14,2020


Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) is a glycoprotein, which circulates as a dimer composed of two identical 72 kDa monomers that are linked by disulfide bridges. AMH belongs to the transforming growth factor-β family. AMH concentrations in adult women reflect the number of small follicles entering the growth phase of their life cycle, which is proportional to the number of primordial follicles that still remain in the ovary, or the ovarian reserve.AMH decreases throughout a woman’s reproductive life, which reflects the continuous decline of the oocyte/follicle pool with age and, accordingly, ovarian aging.

AMH has been used in the evaluation of ovarian reserve primarily to predict an infertile woman’s response to controlled ovarian stimulation. Research studies have also demonstrated that AMH may be used to estimate the time to menopause for an individual woman, as AMH has been found to be a good indicator of reproductive aging. Additionally, studies have shown that AMH can be used to diagnose and monitor women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and that AMH concentrations are elevated in normogonadotropic anovulatory women with PCOS.


1 mL Serum Refrigerated

Turn Around Time

3 days


Chemiluminescent immunoassay (CLIA)

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