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Our lab’s employees strive always to provide our customers with the highest possible quality and to serve them as quickly as possible. Our customers also can book their appointment at a time that suits them.

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We offer samples collection services from your location for your convenience and for more privacy through the HomeLab App.

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Find and print your tests results online whenever you want them and wherever you are, by a touch of your fingertips.

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One of the earliest medical laboratories that inspired passion to develop the analysis techniques and accurate tests

Commitment to high-quality services that meet the needs of the local community, keep up with the various medical changes required by medical advances and newly developed techniques in the field of medical laboratory testing.

We serve you through 33,000,000 branches through the HomeLab App. Your Laboratory, at your Home!

Delta Medical laboratories offer collection services from the convenience of your home or at an office throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through HomeLab application.

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Reports on your Fingertips

Find and print your tests results online whenever you want them and wherever you are, by a touch of your fingertips.

Our scope of services

Anatomic Pathology and Cytology

Performs gross and microscopic examination of tissue specimens including core biopsies, endoscopic biopsies, and surgical excisions.


Offers a broad range of high quality testing services for detection, isolation, characterization, and antibiotics susceptibility testing of infectious agents.

Clinical Chemistry

Offers a comprehensive range of routine chemistry, special proteins, tumor markers, and TDM testing.


Performs a wide variety of basic and advanced hematology, and coagulation testing.

Molecular Biology

Performs molecular diagnostic tests for a variety of infectious diseases.

Analytical Chemistry

HPLC and Atomic Absorption units to perform a variety of vitamins and trace elements testing.


Performs a wide range of manual and automated immunology testing.
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